Timeline of the Anacapa Society

The Anacapa Society was founded on July 20, 2007.

July 2007: E-mail contact list in place.

August, 2007: Preliminary website creation and recruiting of members underway.

January, 2008: Amherst College selected as host institution.

March, 2008: Membership reaches 75.

May, 2008: First grant awarded. (See here for more details!)

2009: Agreement reached with KITP to name an annual KITP-Anacapa Scholar. First recipient is Prof. Alex Small (Cal Poly Pomona)

August, 2009: First workshop held, Amherst College. (See here for more details.

2010: Prof. Trinanjan Datta (August State University) named 2010 KITP-Anacapa Scholar.

December 2010: First regional workshop (“West Coast”) held in California. (See here for more details.)

2011: Prof. Darrell Schroeter (Reed College) named 2011 KITP-Anacapa Scholar.

May 2012: Second regional workshop (“Mid-West”) held in Minnesota. (See here for more detials.)

December 2013: Third regional workshop (“Southeast”) held in Georgia!

Summer 2015: National workshop held at KITP!